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Bruce Lee Fights Back From the Grave (1976)

So judging from a this single source, there was some manipulation of the Bruce Lee market after his death.  I mean, the guy in this movie is not Bruce Lee.  His character name is not Bruce Lee.  There is no mention of a Bruce Lee in the film (outside of a beginning sequence).  There's the title, I guess. (edit: apparently this was a thing)


Also (and perhaps more importantly), there isn't any zombie-action like the title implies. Seriously. Hollywood. I hereby trademark the following shit immediately:

Zombie Bruce Lee Fights his way to righteousness:

This movie-idea features a Bruce Lee (the real one, digitally placed on a stuntman's body...or with his face completely obscured by shadows, etc as they would've done in the old days) fighting his way back to life through the Shadow Realm. After he defeats the Shadow King at the end of the first act, Bruce Lee is pulled back into realm of the living and punches his way out of his grave. Then there is a series of sequences which follow the reincarnated Lee as he traces down each of his five former teachers in order to defeat them. They betrayed Bruce Lee by working together to cause his death. 

End trademark.

Anyway, it must be added that there are some additions to the official "horrible dubbing" cannon which truly merit awards for their artistic skill. I mean, these folks put a dubbing together like Jackson Pollack spilt paint onto a canvas. I don't mean that as a disservice. I mean it as a compliment.

THAT is quality work.

So, the actual film starts off with the dude we're supposed to take as Bruce Lee (hereafter referred to as Han-Wuk because that's his name in the movie) coming to check up on his money-grubbing kung fu partner/brother here in America. Of course, the brother's dead and Han-Wuk must avenge him. But only after he gets wasted and has a strange encounter with this guy.

I'd probably sober up pretty quickly too if some dude with a cape and a hatchet was trying to kill me.

He's bailed out of jail by some strange rich guy. This doesn't really strike him as odd. But the rich guy wants him to find a woman. This woman.

Apparently, she is so enthralled by his exposed man-chest that she is unable to run away.

He turns the rich guy down, but obviously finds the girl anyway. Conveniently, the girl knows some insider information about the kung fu partner/brother's final visitors. The two of them hit it off and he stays with her. They become partners in his search because she knows what they look like.

It's like the Power Rangers of enforcer gangs.  But seriously, a cowboy!?! WTF.

Along the way, we get interesting scenes such as this one.

When there is some kung fu in this movie, it's fairly decent. The problem (as with most kung-fu movies) is that it takes an excrutiatingly long time to get to it. Finally, this happens...

...and the party gets started.  The main character fights his way through the Power Rangers gang until he eventually gets to the big boss. With a twist!

The movie is pretty boring by almost any standard. Thankfully, there was the occasional bit of weirdness (see the videos above) and some decent action like this:

Overall, it's a pretty horrible film that's only made tolerable by some "great" dubbing, decent fighting, and strangeness (like how the main character carries a box with his brother's picture on it around his neck for the first third of the film).

Yep, just tied around his neck like that
Just don't try to tell me that this guy:

Is this guy:

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